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Good luck to all teams playing in the 2021 Grand Finals.
Field information and game time information for Grand Final Day at Westminster Warriors Soccer Club, Redbank Plains this Friday night/Saturday is attached and also on the QCSA facebook page.
Please note parking locations for this year’s event (Saturday only) and it would also be appreciated if the Gold Coin donation for parking could be adhered to, as the parking attendants are from the Local Church.
Please DO NOT park in the Library carpark on Saturday as they are open on Saturday from 8:30am until 1pm and there are only limited spots for their patrons to use.
Only those vehicles with official parking permits will be allowed in the 'Official Parking Area'.
Parking on Friday night only is allowed down in the Official Car Park for anyone, but if parking is limited, the pink parking area will also be open on Friday night.
Remember, please follow the Government guidelines for COVID-19, mask wearing if social distancing can't be followed.
Please also advise your team officials of the following information:
Technical Area

  • The only people allowed in the technical areas are those team officials with lanyards on and players who are on the electronic match card;
  • 1 team official (typically the coach) is allowed to be standing in the technical area giving the players instructions, the other team official must be sitting down;
  • No spectators, non-playing players or children are allowed in the technical area;
  • All senior games will have a fourth referee as an official in the technical areas.
Player Substitutions/Interchange Area
·         A coach or manager requesting a substitution shall notify the linesman or referee at an appropriate time. (e.g., at a stoppage);
·         Substitutions are only permitted at stoppages at the referee’s discretion and when the referee signals the interchange;
  • Players are to be substituted by entering the field from the interchange zone at the halfway line on the sideline;
·         The player leaving the field, at the referee’s direction, may leave the field at the closest point to where they are at the time, to save time;
·         All interchanges are at the discretion of the referee who may refuse an interchange at any time.

Please also ensure that all teams enter their results immediately at the completion of the match.